What you need to make an appointment...

■Photo ID
■500RMB cash deposit (1000RMB ~ 2000RMB for larger designs)

Making an appointment

  • You can walk in and observe and receive a free consultation at any time without an appointment. Our hours are 10:00 ~20:00.

  • Our staff is always available to consult with you. We have photos of our previous work as well as other reference material. We will work with you to get the custom tattoo that is perfect for you. You may also bring in your own photo or drawing.

  • Our artists have many different styles, so we are sure to create something that is perfect and unique to you. Our advisors can help you go through our artists' books , so you choose the perfect tattoo artist for you.

  • Once you have decided on a tattoo artist, they will come up with a design that is perfect for you.

  • Once your consultation is complete, read our Terms and Agreement form carefully and sign it. You will need your photo ID and your cash deposit to complete the appointment process.

The day before your appointment

  • Try to stay in good physical health.
  • Get good sleep, eat well, and do not drink alcohol.
  • Although the experience of getting tattooed is different for everyone, it is a painful process that requires stamina. Please try to show up to your appointment in good physical condition.

The day of your appointment

Even if you are a bit nervous, please eat regularly on the day of your appointment. Having a moderately full stomach will help ease the pain. Also, please wear something that you don't mind getting dirty.


  • Using your rough sketch as a guide, we will discuss and confirm the exact details and location of your design. If you want to make any changes, PLEASE TELL YOUR TATTOO ARTIST NOW!

  • We will shave and disinfect the area to be tattooed. Then the design will be transferred to your skin. You may look in the mirror to confirm if everything is to your liking.

  • We will start on the outline. Even though you will feel pain, trying to relax is very important.

  • When the outline is complete, we will start on the color and the shading.

  • When the color is filled in, your tattoo is complete. All that is left is the aftercare. DO NOT take a bath after your tattoo has been done. If you need to, please take a shower instead. Your body will be exhausted from the tattooing process, so do not push yourself. Please be sure to rest.


After your tattoo is finished, we will provide you with ointment and an aftercare manual. If you follow the instructions in the aftercare manual, you will heal nicely in about a month to a month and a half. If you do not take care of yourself, you could risk getting a bacterial infection that could cause inflamation and/or festering. This could greatly affect the result of your new tattoo.

>> more about aftercare here