What is a tattoo?
A tattoo is a puncture wound, made deep in your skin, that's filled with ink. It's made by penetrating your skin with a needle and injecting ink into the area and it is permanent.
Can anyone get a tattoo?
A person under 18 is not allowed to get an tattoo by the Japanese law. Also, we don't tattoo pregnant women because your hormone balance is different when you're pregnant, this can cause you to potentially have an adverse reaction to the tattoo. The Ink is not harmful to your body but it is better to avoid any risks. We want you and your baby to be as healthy as possible. Notice a person under 20 with Parents permission, you are allowed to get a tattoo. ( You can download a permit from here. Bring it with you when you come to the Studio. It must be signed by your parents. )
How much will my tattoo cost?
Our price. Deposit 500元, If the piece can not be done in one session 1000~2000元, Coin size 500元~, Tabacco box size 1200~2000元, CD size 2000~3200元, If the piece will require multiple sessions 1000元 for an hour. We will give you clear price when we arrangement a design, size and region.
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
The amount of pain that you will experience will depend on your individual pain tolerance and the placement the tattoo. In actuality, it is not as painful as some would have you believe. Please don't drink an alcohol, be well rested and eat something before you come in.
Is there any risks of getting HIV or hepatitis from tattoos?
If the Studio and Artist don't use sterilized equipment and single use supplies, you are open to many different infections and diseases. Our Studio's disposable items which can not under go sterilization. such as needles, ink cups and gloves are disposed of after single use. Those items are then transferred to a proper medical waste unit. Also, all equipment (tubes) at Boobies is properly sterilized with an autoclave. The autoclave undergoes regular and proper maintenance.
Does hair grow back after getting a tattoo? Will my tattoo make me sweat less?
Yes, the hair will grow back and you will sweat normally.
How long does it take for a tattoo to heal?
It depends on your body and how it heals and your immune system, but in general, the roughest part is 1 to 2 weeks, but it really isn't fully healed for a while after that. It may take 1-2month. It's best to leave the scab alone and wait for it to fall off on its own.
Can I bring my own design?
Yes you can. We can tattoo like it's real or you can design then we can arrange it if you want us to. If you have a picture that you would like to get, bring it with you to the Studio.

Can you fix or cover up my old tattoos?
Yes we can. We would like to redesign it or cover it up.
I want to get a tattoo today...
If we don't have any appointment, you can walk in and get tattooed. Please just come to the Studio.
How do I make an appointment?
Come visit our Studio when you have time. We have few tattoo artists available. You can pick the artist and we will arrange the date. ( When you set the schedule, you will need to bring with you a current ID with photo that has your date of birth and deposit $100 ( If it is a big design, it will be $200~$300.) For a customer who doesn't have time to visit to the Studio or live far from the Studio, you still can make an appointment. E-mail or call us for more details.
I feel nervous... Can I bring my friend?
Yes. With friends, couples, parents and child.... You will always be welcome! Feel free to come visit our Studio.
Is this possible that I can get a tattoo while no one is around?
When you make an appointment or walk in to our Studio, you might meet other customer but no worries. We have many customers from age 18 to around 60. Artists booth has curtain so other customers can't see the booth from outside.
I am not yet to make up my mind. Can I go to the studio for advice or just walk in?
You can visit our Studio if you haven't decided yet to get a tattoo. If this is your first time, we are sure you have a lot of anxiety over the whole thing. Our Studio has some female staff and friendly staff so feel free to visit us. We open 11:00 to 22:00. We are looking forward to see you at Boobies.
Can you redesign if i'm not happy with it?
If you don't like the design, we will rewrite it until you satisfy. We are not going to do tattoo forcibly. You should talk over with your tattoo artist.
How many colors can I get in tattoos?
You can get as many colors as you want. If you can think of a color, it can be tattooed. Please tell your artist what color would you like to get.
When should I pay?
You will need 500元 deposits to set your appointment date. ( 1000~2000元 for a big design.) This deposits will be deducted. ex; If you will get a 3000元 tattoo, we'll take 500元 deposits. When you get tattoos done, you will need to pay 3000元-500元(deposits)=2500元.
How long will it take?
This depends on the design and the artist. If the design is very large, colorful or complicated,you may have to schedule multiple sessions. Even if you choose the smallest, least complicated and colorful design expect to spend a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes. CD size may take 3 hours.
Is there any body parts that I should not get a tattoo?
Basically NO. But it will fade easily if you get a tattoo inside of your mouth and on your fingers. You can discuss with your artist about it.
What is the best color tattoo for dark skin?
It depends on the person but we'd say black would be better.
What clothes should I wear when getting a tattoo?
We reccomend you to wear a loose fitting clothes. Just make sure what you wear is comfortable.
Can I get a tattoo while on my period?
Yes you can. Sometimes women are a bit more sensitive to pain when menstruating. We recommend you to get a tattoo when you are in a good conditon.
Is there any tips to make a tattoo less painful?
Basically, it is better to be in a good shape. You should get a good night's sleep and eat a good meal before you go in to your session.
Basically, it is better to be in a good shape. You should get a good night's sleep and eat a good meal before you go in to your session.
It depends on how bad your symptom is but we will tattoo a person who has a sensitive skin. If you worried about it, consult your doctor just in case.
Can I tattoo over moles, scars or spots?
You can but doing a Tattoo over a moles or Scars(depending on how big it is) can deform or mess up the tattoo but it may not be noticeable when it is covered by ink. Please talk to your artist about it.
What is an aftercare?
Aftercare will avoid infectious disease and gathering. Also, if you take good care of your new tattoo, it will makes your tattoo look great.
What should I do if my tattoo faded?
Let it heal and wait until it's healed. After it's completely healed, come to the Studio and tell your artist about it. We do touch up for you free of charge basically.
What are good tips to take care of a tattoo?
Keep it out of the sun and don't let it get sunburned. Also, keep it clean, keep it aired until it heals up, put some ointment and it'll be good.
Can I still go to public facilities such as sports club, yoga class, etc... with tattoos?
Some places prohibit people with tattoos, some allow you to enter. If you want to go somewhere, make sure you can enter the facilities with a tattoo before you get one.