For hygiene

We give consideration about sanitation at BOOBIES.

We have an exceptionally high standard of cleanliness and we are approved the alliance of professional tattooist to practice.

We have passed monthly biochemistry monitoring tests continually for the past three years.

We take our customers health and safety into the highest consideration using all disposable needles ink caps & gloves.

All tubes plates & needles sterilized by autoclave.

If you have any questions.We'd be happy to answer any queries.

Apparatus explanation

Ultra Sonic Cleaner.

Ultrasonic cleaners are the ideal way to give a thorough pre-sterilization scrubbing to your tattoo kit which gives superior results to manual cleaning. The use of ultrasonics in cleaning tattoo equipment results in deeper cleansing action.


An autoclave is a sterilization device. It kills all bacteria and viruses that might be on tattooing equipment. The autoclave undergoes regular and proper maintenance. By WHO, for H.I.V. 20 minutes at 120℃, to high-pressure sterilization, it can be inactivated.

Autoclave monitoring test.

We offer to special unit once in a month to test our autoclave for make sure it is working properly.

Sterilized pack.

It is a pack to keep the indisposable equipments such as tubes and needles which after its customed. After put those equipments into sterilized pack, apply it into the autoclave. An arrow that printed on surface will turn into brown which proves its sterilized. Inside of the pack will be completly sterilized and keep it out as it is.

Sterilization spray.

We use sterilization spray when we wash hands and make sure that our hands keep clean.

Ultrasonic Humidifier.

Put germicide liquid and water into Ultrasonic Humidifier. It turns liquid and water into a micro mist and bacteria is sterilized by mist in the air.